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LJS 68: How to Compose a Jazz Solo From Scratch

Welcome to episode 68 of the LJS Podcast where today we are asking talking about how to compose a jazz solo from scratch. Podcast host Brent Vaartstra composes a jazz solo live on the show and walks you through his process of building a jazz solo he would love to improvise. Listen in!

Why Ear Training Is Important For Jazz Musicians

When it comes to jazz or any music that revolves around improvisation, having strong ears is of utmost importance. What is improvisation anyway? It's playing in the moment. There is no time to pre-meditate the lines...

Developing Your Jazz Drum Comping

"Comping" is a term coined by jazz musicians, which means accompaniment. It is what the rhythm section players do while the lead player plays the head of a jazz tune or solos over it....

LJS 67: How to Use Pentatonic Scales Over Any Chord

Welcome to episode 67 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about pentatonic scales and how you can use them to improvise over any kind of chord. Penatonic scales are familiar to many but are often not utilized to their full potential. Let's learn how to take major and minor pentatonics to the next level. Listen in!

5 Jazz Chord Substitutions You Need to Know

One of the prominent characteristics of jazz music is its rich harmonic language. Not only does jazz utilize the full spectrum of diatonic harmonic movement, it includes modal harmony, and also a slew of...

How to Use the Harmonic Minor Scale Over a Minor 2-5-1

In my recent post on the harmonic major scale, I talked about ways to construct II-V-I lines using one single scale. I have also mentioned the harmonic minor scale in passing when talking about...

LJS 66: 5 Most Important Jazz Musicians You Need to Listen To

Welcome to episode 66 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about 5 of the most important jazz musicians that you need to listen to. There are many important jazz musicians to talk about, but these five had an innovative impact on jazz and how it has evolved. If you want to be an educated jazz musician you need to check these musicians out. Listen in!

How to Get Huge Results From a 30 Minute Practice Session

As jazz musicians we know we need to practice. Practicing our instruments is essential especially when dealing with music like jazz which demands a lot of musical competence and ability. We often hear stories of jazz...

Take 5: Strategies to Improve Your 5/4 Playing

In this post, I want to begin to tackle the challenge of playing in odd meters. I’ll start by zeroing in on 5/4 time here. We spend so much time playing jazz standards in 3/4...

LJS 65: How to Create Killer Jazz Solos By Thinking Like a Composer (Feat....

Welcome to episode 65 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about how to create killer jazz solos by thinking like a composer. Joining us to talk about this today is Downbeat award winner and three-time recipient of the ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award, Jeff Schneider. Learn how to think like a composer and start building jazz solos that really stick out. Listen in!
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