How to Play Drum Rudiments In A Musical Way

Ever since I was a kid learning to play the drums, I've been aware of the debate about rudiments. Many drummers argue that rudiment...

LJS 71: Why The “Vibing” Culture In Jazz Has to Go

Welcome to episode 71 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about why the "vibing" culture in jazz has to go. Vibing is best defined as a mean-spirited attitude towards another musician and the way they play the music. It's a toxic environment that sometimes exists at jam sessions, gigs, and in jazz communities. It's time for it to go. Listen in!

3 Steps for Training Your Ear to Hear Any Chord

Ear training is of utmost importance for those of us who want to become better jazz improvisers. When it comes down to it, it's...

How to Simplify Your Lines With Major Pentatonic Scales

Though pentatonic scales have been mentioned on the LJS site before, I want to look specifically at major pentatonic scales more in depth in...

LJS 70: Bossa Nova Basics with Livio Almeida

Welcome to episode 70 of the LJS Podcast where today we have a very special guest on the show, Brazilian saxophonist, and composer, Livio Almeida. In today's episode, Livio gives us a great lesson on Bossa Nova, important artists, songs, and rhythms that we need to know. If you are new or want to know more about Bossa Nova and Brazilian music, this episode is for you!

4 Reasons Why Every Musician Should Study Jazz

Musicians spanning all kinds of genres across the world all have one thing in common: they want to become better at their craft. They...

How to Improvise Over Rhythm Changes Like a Pro

Like the Blues, “rhythm changes” is one of the most common song forms in jazz music. This 32-bar AABA form and its accompanying chord...

LJS 69: 4 Awesome Tools For Jazz Musicians

Welcome to episode 69 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about 4 awesome jazz tools for jazz musicians. These are tools and resources that we personally use that help us in our jazz studies and practice sessions. Listen in!

Ear Training: Master Singing Intervals

Having great ears is an important asset for a jazz musician or any kind of musician to have. That's why working on ear training...

2 Rhythmic Exercises Every Jazz Musician Should Practice

Every time I listen to an aspiring jazz musician, I find that for many of them their rhythmic game is not at the same...
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