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Learn Jazz Standards Podcast

Welcome to the Learn Jazz Standards Podcast! This is the show where you get weekly interviews, tips and advice for becoming a better jazz musician. I do a lot of teaching episodes as well as have special guests come on from time to time to share their knowledge.



Quick Win: Easy Jazz Standard to Improve Fast

What are jazz standards that can help you improve quickly but not leave your brain hurting? Well, today I'm going to show you an easy jazz standard that does exactly that. Listen to episode 293 In this...
What I'm Thinking About When I Improvise

What I’m Thinking About When I Improvise

Welcome to episode 292 where today we listen to a recording of me improvising over a popular jazz standard and try to understand what I'm thinking as I improvise. Improvisation can be a mysterious...

Quick Win: Tasty Minor Bebop Altered Lick

Today I'm going to show you a tasty jazz lick that's going to make you sound like a bebop pro over minor 2-5-1 chord progressions. Listen to episode 291 In this episode: 1. What's a minor 2-5-1...
6 Powerful Reasons for Recording Your Jazz Playing

6 Powerful Reasons to Record Your Jazz Playing

Welcome to episode 290 where today I talk about 6 powerful reasons why you should record your jazz playing. You may have heard people suggest recording yourself, but have you ever fully understood why...

Quick Win: Sick Minor Blues Improv Hack

So how do you play sick bluesy licks over top of minor 2-5-1 chord progressions? Well, I'm going to show you a very simple tool to make this really easy. Listen to episode 289 In this...
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