LJS 136: I Critique My Jazz Playing From 7 Years Ago

Welcome to episode 136 of the LJS Podcast where today I listen back to a recording of myself from 2011 and give myself some honest feedback and critique. It’s a great practice to record yourself and listening to old recordings can help you gain insight into where you were, where you are now, and how you can improve. Listen in!

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In today’s episode, I take a little trip down memory lane and listen to an old recording of myself from 2011.

One practice I always encourage my course students to do is record themselves. Not only is it helpful to do it regularly to give yourself a degree of separation for honest critique, but it’s also helpful to look back at old recordings to measure improvement.

The song I critique myself on is “Gone With The Wind,” a nice standard in Concert Eb major. The setting is a duo with a bass player, which lends for lots of things to look at.

Here’s a bit of what I talk about today:

1. How much is too much embellishment of the melody?

2. Comping sparsely vs. spelling out the harmony.

3. When cool triplet lines need to be diversified.

4. What I liked about the spirit of my improvisation.

I hope that you get a lot of listening to my commentary and my critiques of my playing from years ago. I know it was helpful for me to compare and contrast what I did then and what I do now.

I even found some things I would like to go back to! Hopefully, this has encouraged you to record yourself and go out and do the same.

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