Here’s a Lick of the Week for you to practice today! This one is an altered lick over a V7-Imaj7 chord progression. This also comes straight out of our new eBook “Zero to Improv”.

Check out the video and bring it into all 12 keys!


30 Stepsto Better Jazz Playing


  1. I've been playing guitar many years learning mostly from listening. John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Jeff Beck, Chet Atkins etc. I've studied Jazz books for years but it seems it never reaches my fingers. I play one jazz piece for years and it still isn't good enough to perform. I have a one man band I call myself the Drifter. I play originals and a lot of Hendrix. I also have play along to music I recorded in the studio. Music from the 20's to the present. I have played professionally but now its difficult just finding anywhere to play. Thanks for the licks they sound great.

  2. yes, I definitely would like to have more lick of the week posts. Very helpful and good presentation. I get the grasp of altered
    notes a lot better . Also , good compliment to the improv e book. thanks Brent

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