What are the modes of the major scale? What is a mode anyway? If you are newer to music theory and get frustrated when jazz musicians throw around music theory concepts and assume you know what they are, this will be helpful for you.

In this video, I explain what the modes of the major scale are, scale formulas, how to think about them, and why you should be able to play them.

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Part of this video is an excerpt from the companion course of my eBook “Zero to Improv.” It’s a great resource for those who are beginners with jazz theory and want to start from the ground up.

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  1. Hi Brent, I understand modes but have a hard time with keeping the naming correct. I'm note talking about the Greek names. Example you have DEFGABCD listed as D Dorian but, when I see D, I expect to see a couple sharps in the scale. Is it not actually C Dorian? C major but starting on the 2nd scale degree?

    • Hey there Joel! No this would be D Dorian. Dorian signals which mode of the major scale it is. It is C Major but starting on the second scale degree, but what note would that be? D. Therefore it is D Dorian. I understand where your brain is wanting to go, but that's just not how we name the modes.

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