LJS 29: Jazz Challenge #4 Learn a New Jazz Lick

Welcome to episode 29 of the LJS Podcast where today we are introducing Jazz Challenge #4 of our 4 part series of jazz challenges. These challenges will be leading up to the release of our first eCourse 30 Days to Better Jazz Playing in October 2016. Today’s challenge is to learn a new jazz lick. Listen in!

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In this episode

  1. What is a “lick”?

  2. Benefits of learning jazz licks by ear.

  3. Importance of repetition.

  4. Be able to play it with the recording.

  5. Brent’s lick for the week.

Listen to episode 28: Jazz Challenge #3 Write Your Own Jazz Solo

Sonny Rollins lick on “Without a Song”

Starts at 1:30

Did you take the challenge? Post a video of you playing your lick along with the recording in the comments below.

30 Stepsto Better Jazz Playing


    • get an app like Amazing Slower Downer, and transpose that section in all keys at different speeds. I randomly cycle through the keys & speeds this way.

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