• Learn 1-2 entire jazz solos.
  • Learn 4 new jazz standards.
  • Learn 4 different jazz licks in all 12 keys.
  • Study important jazz chord progressions and concepts for improvising.

30 Days of focused, goal-oriented jazz practicing, that actually works.

What if you could practice the things that matter, in a way that would improve your jazz playing 2X faster?

Here’s the deal. Every day, jazz musicians are wasting far too much of their practice time. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the average musician wastes 50% of it. I’ve seen it in my students, colleagues, and I’ve been there before myself.

Sometimes they aren’t practicing the right things to help them improve, and most of the time it is because they are practicing with their “fingers” and not with their mind. Mindless, aimless, practicing. What we need to be doing is setting up our practice sessions for success. We need to practice smarter not harder.

Introducing 30 Days to Better Jazz Playing, an online audio course that takes you through 30 days of focused, goal-oriented practicing, where you will be working on things that will actually improve your jazz playing; things that some of the best jazz musicians in the world practice all of the time.

How does it work?

30 Days to Better Jazz Playing is an online audio course. You will be led through the course by your instructor through audio, text lecture notes, and will be provided handouts and supplementary materials when necessary.
The course is built on an online platform that allows you to work through the course, track your progress, and access any important media provided for each lesson.
The main goals that you will have accomplished by the end of the course are:
  • Learn 4 jazz standards.
  • Learn 1-2 jazz solos.
  • Learn 4 jazz licks in all 12 keys.
The course is organized into 4 “Weeks” where you will learn specific material and master it.
Each day of the course you will work on tasks in the categories of Technique, Jazz Repetoire, and Jazz Language. In addition, each week you will have a Chord Progression Study, and an Improv Lesson.



What is included in the course?

30 Days to Better Jazz Playing provides you with the materials you need to help you accomplish each task.

  • Hours of individual audio lessons walking you through the 30 days of practicing.
  • 4 audio lectures that explain important concepts in the course and how to accomplish them correctly
  • Backing tracks to help you practice the material.
  • 24 technical exercises to work on throughout the 30 days.
  • 4 Chord progressions studies.
  • 4 jazz improvisation lessons.
  • Handouts and demonstrations to help you work on course material.

Who’s the teacher?

Teaching the course and guiding you through your practice routines is New York City based professional jazz guitarist, LJS blogger, and host of the LJS Podcast, Brent Vaartstra. In addition to actively gigging around the New York metropolitan area, he teaches and writes music books for Hal Leonard (the music book publication company).

Is this course for Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced jazz players?

The answer is all three. If you are wanting to become a better jazz musician and are willing to practice, this course is for you.

Beginners may find certain aspects of the course more challenging, but this would be in their best interest. For example, if you are not used to learning music by ear, this will be good practice for you.

If you are and Advanced player, this course is still good for you. It will provide a great template for practicing and accomplishing music goals, all while working on things that professional jazz musicians continually work on.

What instruments can take the course?

30 Days to Better Jazz Playing was designed for most instruments to be able to participate. Any handouts that are provided are notated for C, Bb, and Eb instruments, and in bass clef.

*see “Who Should NOT Take this Course”.

Who should NOT take this course

We would never want someone to pay money to take this course only to soon realize it’s not for them. For that reason, listed are those who should not take this course:

    • Those who don’t want to practice. At the end of the day, this course is all about practicing. If you are interested in getting 30 different new techniques, tricks, or shortcuts you will not find it here. This is a “homework” based course, so be willing to practice.
    • Those who don’t already know the basics of their instrument. You don’t have to be an expert or an exceptional player to take this course, but you will want to know the basics of getting around your instrument first.
    • Drummers. Since this course focuses on harmonic and melodic improvisational studies, this program would not be best suited for drummers. Sorry guys!
    • Those who don’t want to practice. Oh wait did I already say that? But seriously, this is important. Becoming a better jazz player does not come cheap and easy, in fact anything but. This course was designed to help you through it.

We know this course is awesome, but don’t take it from us. This is what our students are saying:

 “30 Days To Better Jazz Playing is perfect for me at this point in my journey. It puts into my hands the material and practice tools to absorb the harmonic knowledge and the various ways of solving chord progressions.  It has helped immensely in organizing my practices and learning tunes.  Everything is well organized and the pace is elective for the student to pursue as diligently as time permits.  The instruction and guidance for transcribing are just right. Thank you for putting this together!  It is well worth the investment.”

-Andy from Port Angeles, Washington

“I’ve really enjoyed and benefited from LJS’s “30 Days to Better Jazz Playing”. While I’ve been casually playing jazz guitar for a long time, I have had a difficult time sustaining focus.  Your course has provided me with a framework for valuable practice time.  The technical exercises, jazz vocabulary and just concentrating on a single standard for an extended time have really improved my playing.  Thanks!”

-Don from Tempe, Arizona

“I have always wanted to play jazz piano and I have purchased every instruction book there is.  This course is the first time I have really understood; the first time information was presented in a logical and understandable way.  I am on my way to falling in love with playing jazz piano.  I never write these kinds of things, but this is a great program!”

-Dr. Paul from Florida

“I am so glad I signed up for the 30 Days to Better jazz Playing course.  I am now on the seventh day and I have learned so much already.  It has focused my practice so I know each day what I have to do. It has everything that I would want to help me improve. For the first time ever I have transcribed and tune and a solo by ear.  This is already a big improvement for me.”

-Patrick from Geneva, Switzerland

For the cost of only 4 private lessons, you get way more value, guidance and ultimately results.

That’s a small price to pay for becoming a better jazz musician.

I am 100% positive that if you do the work in this course, you will become a better jazz musician, no matter what level you are at. This stuff is being practiced by some of the best jazz musicians in the world. However, if you purchase this course and feel like you are not getting something out of it, here’s what we can offer:

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here is a guarantee: A 14-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • This guarantee lasts 14 days, which completely covers almost half of the course, enough for you to observe its’ effectiveness.
  • I can’t guarantee you will be Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, or John Coltrane in 2 weeks. I’d be suspicious of anyone who could promise that. Becoming a better jazz musician is a process and it requires work.
  • If you’re not happy with the quality of this program…send me an email and show me you did the work. I’ll refund 100% of your money (I’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees) and we’ll part as friends. I believe in the power of this course and so I’ll take responsibility for it.

Are you ready to take your first step towards 30 days to better jazz playing?

Your ticket to jazz improvement is just a few clicks away!

As an added bonus, when you purchase the course you will receive a $20 off your order promotional code in our store so you can buy additional backing tracks to help you through the course.

  • Learn 1-2 entire jazz solos.
  • Learn 4 new jazz standards.
  • Learn 4 different jazz licks in all 12 keys.
  • Study important jazz chord progressions and concepts for improvising.

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