You may have checked out our 6 patterns for major scales and this time around we are focusing on some great minor patterns to practice!

Most of these patterns are two octaves. If they go out of range on your instrument, it’s perfectly fine to practice one octave or go up and down to suit your range.

Technique is so important for jazz musicians to practice. Too often, technical ability can hold one back from truly playing what he or she wants to play. Each instrument has different approaches to practicing technique, but one practice that can be beneficial for all instruments is practicing patterns.

Patterns can help improve control over your instrument and play intervals with better accuracy. If practiced consistently and in different variations, patterns can really help you open up your playing and boost possibilities in your solos.

Here is the pdf of 6 Patterns For Minor Scales Remember that these patterns can be applied to any scale.

Practicing Tips:

  • Practice the patterns in all 12 keys.  Practicing in all 12 keys will ensure that you have control over them, and help you apply them in any musical situation.
  • Practice at different tempos. Practice with a metronome starting slow and gradually increasing speed. This will help to increase your ability to play these at any tempo.
30 Stepsto Better Jazz Playing

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