This is our I7-IV7 Chord Progression Workout.  You probably recognize this progression from playing a blues, which is probably the most common scenario you would see a dominant I chord followed by a dominant IV chord.  You also see this progression functioning differently as a III7-VI7-II7-V7 during the bridge in any rhythm changes tune.  Both the blues and rhythm changes being two of the most important forms in jazz, it’s incredibly useful to be able to improvise well over this chord progression!

Play along with this exercise, which helps you practice this important progression in all 12 keys. It goes through the Circle of 4ths and each key is played twice. Use the chord charts below to see the exercise and use the play-along to practice!

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Chord Charts

I7-IV7 Chord Progression Workout C Instruments

I7-IV7 Chord Progression Workout Bb Instruments

I7-IV7 Chord Progression Workout Eb Instruments


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