ii-V-I chord progressions are by far the most common chord progressions found in jazz standards.

And so, we need to be able to play them forwards, backwards and have a really good stronghold over improvising over them.

So, in today’s video, I want to be going over my 5-step process for practicing ii-V-I chord progressions and over time, mastering them.

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The Jazz Standards Playbook Vol. 1

The Jazz Standards Playbook Vol. 2

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  1. It’s slowly making sense Brent. But using the example of “there will never be another you”, do you mean searching out the solos over various examples of the standard, which is daunting for a beginner!

    • Hi Ralph! I don't necessarily mean learning a solo over a standard, although that's a great thing to do. I more so mean to learn a jazz standard and be able to identify the 2-5-1's. There Will Never Be Another You was just an example of a tune with a lot of 2-5-1's. Pick an easier one such as Autumn Leaves!

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