That’s right, you probably saw the title of this video. I did, indeed, learn 100 jazz standards in one year in one point in my life.

And while I wouldn’t necessarily advocate learning that many jazz standards so quickly to any of my students, the important thing is learning lots of jazz standards will help you learn all musical lessons you need to know about jazz and learning how to improvise over jazz standards.

So, in today’s video, I would like to share some of the lessons that I learned from learning 100 tunes and how we can learn jazz standards better and get more out of them.

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  1. If Im away from the instrument and have a spare moment I try write out the chords to the song Im learning from memory. Doing that a few time heped me learn Stella. Something about writing it out seemed to help internalize it. 🙂

  2. I strongly recommend learning the lyrics to the songs and sing them while accompanying yourself if your instrument allows eg piano or guitar , this will definitely help internalise the tune and the changes

  3. Something I learned from a teacher years ago is to learn the melodies backwards. That is, start with the last phrase and back up toward the top as you learn each phrase. The beginnings are easy to remember but nothing is more embarrassing than getting almost to the end of a tune and not being able to finish. What will people remember? Right. "He doesn't know that tune."

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