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Interval Ear Training Quiz (See How You Do)

If you want to crush it as a jazz improviser, knowing how to improvise over a blues inside and out will give you an unfair advantage.

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Ear training is something that jazz musicians should be working on because having a great ear is ultimately what’s going to help you become a great improviser.

And the fundamentals of ear training, like intervals, can be very helpful for having the building blocks of ear training under our control.

So in today’s video, I’m going to be doing a quiz to see how well you do at recognizing intervals both ascending and descending. Excited to see how well you do!

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If you need help with ear training, get my free Ultimate Ear Training Blueprint and Course by clicking here.

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Brent Vaartstra
Brent Vaartstra is a professional jazz guitarist and educator living in New York City. He is the head blogger and podcast host for which he owns and operates. He actively performs around the New York metropolitan area and is the author of the Hal Leonard publication "Visual Improvisation for Jazz Guitar." He's also the host of the music entrepreneurship podcast "Passive Income Musician."


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