One of the biggest miss I hear about jazz improvisation is that you need to know a ton of music theory. And personally, I couldn’t disagree more. 

In fact, I know some musicians that don’t know any music theory and can’t even read music, yet are incredible jazz improvisers. I think learning things by ear and learning jazz standards and all these stuff is probably more important. 

However, I do think knowing music theory is very important and can be helpful and so, I want to simplify things in today’s video and go over the 4 music theory concepts that I think you need to know.

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If you need more help with music theory and improv, check out my basic jazz theory eBook “Zero to Improv” by clicking here.

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  1. Can you explain the lydian chromatic concept of tonal organization of George Russell? The book is pretty theoretical, but I do find his music very convincing (especially ezz-thetic)

  2. Well done!…I couldn't agree more!…If you get these things down what's left will be far ore vious and come almost naturally!

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