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Play Better Jazz Solos


6 Jazz Solos You Should Learn

One great practice that a lot of jazz musicians will suggest is to learn entire jazz solos by ear.And by doing this, you...

How Do I Incorporate Licks Into My Jazz Solos? Q&A With Jens Larsen!

In this video, I have on special guest, jazz guitarist, teacher, and YouTuber Jens Larsen! He answers a series of questions that my YouTube...

How to Create Killer Jazz Solos With The Melody Development Exercise

I often get questions from jazz students asking how to approach improvising over different jazz standards. They seem to struggle knowing where to start.The...

How to Learn a Jazz Solo By Ear So That It Actually Helps

Learning jazz solos by ear is a great practice that just about any jazz teacher will tell you to do. Of course, there is...

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