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Modal Soloing: So What Solo in the Style of Miles Davis

When we play tunes like So What by Miles Davis, at first we think it's going to be easy to play because there's only two chords you have to...

4 Face Melting Jazz Blues Licks to Learn

When it comes to learning jazz, it can be really helpful to know some of the micro jazz language or a lot of people like to call these licks.
Interval Ear Training Quiz (See How You Do)video

Interval Ear Training Quiz (See How You Do)

Ear training is something that jazz musicians should be working on because having a great ear is ultimately what's going to help you become a great improviser.

I Learned 100 Jazz Standards in a Year (What I Learned)

That's right, you probably saw the title of this video. I did, indeed, learn 100 jazz standards in one year in one point in my life.

How to Improvise Over All the Things You Are (Tutorial)

One great jazz standard that is packed full of musical and harmonic lessons is All the Things You Are by Jerome Kern. There is just...
When to Use iReal Pro to Learn Jazzvideo

When to Use iReal Pro to Learn Jazz

This is iReal Pro. It's an app that thousands of jazz musicians use to look up chord changes and even practice. So, when I came up...
Worst Advice for Learning Jazzvideo

Worst Advice for Learning Jazz

There's a lot of people giving you advice on how to learn jazz on the internet and elsewhere, that sometimes it's just, quite frankly, not good.

How to Master a Jazz Standard

So you're learning in jazz standard and you want to be able to crush it. You want to be able to go up on the bandstand and take awesome...

Girl From Ipanema Chords (Bridge Analysis)

The Girl From Ipanema is a beloved jazz standard by Antonio Carlos Jobim and lots of people like to play this song. It has a beautiful melody but the...

Basic Jazz Guitar Chord Voicings

In my YouTube channel and Learn Jazz Standards, the brand is really not at all just for guitar players. But since I am a guitar player myself, I thought...


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