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How to Make SCALES Musical (feat. Brett Pontecorvo)

Got a very special video for you today. I recently recorded an interview with a great musician and educator...

How to Analyze Jazz Standards (Step-by-Step)

Being able to analyze jazz standards with Roman numeral analysis can be incredibly helpful when it comes to improvising.

Make Chords Sound Like Jazz (4 Levels)

So, how do we make chords in chord progressions sound like jazz? Or for lack of better terms, jazzy?

Modal Soloing: So What Solo in the Style of Miles Davis

When we play tunes like So What by Miles Davis, at first we think it's going to be easy to play because...

Scales to Play Over a Jazz Blues

When working on a jazz blues, it can be helpful to have some note choices available to you and mapped out, so...

4 Music Theory Concepts for Jazz Improvisation

One of the biggest miss I hear about jazz improvisation is that you need to know a ton of music theory. And personally, I...

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