LJS 19: Jazz Talk With Larry Koonse (Part 2)

Welcome to episode 19 of the LJS Podcast where today we talk with internationally renowned jazz guitarist Larry Koonse. LJS guest blogger Peter Rubie conducts Part 2 of this interview, and they talk about Larry’s career, jazz, music and host of other stuff. Listen to Part 1 if you haven’t yet, otherwise onward!

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In this episode

  1. The development of Larry’s musical personality.

  2. Larry’s way of conceptualizing practice.

  3. How Larry learns new material.

  4. Larry’s new album “Conceptions”.

Listen to episode 18: Jazz Talk With Larry Koonse (Part 1)

Show music

“Blip Blop” by Larry Koonse and David Roitstein

Mentioned in the show

Peter Rubies “Does Talent Matter?”


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