LJS 166: Simplifying Jazz Standards to Make Them Easy (Tune Up Analysis)

Welcome to episode 166 of the LJS Podcast where we kick off “Jazz Standards Month.” This month we are exploring jazz standards and digging into different concepts to see how we can learn, understand, and improvise over them better. In this episode, I go over the jazz standard Tune Up by Miles Davis, and demonstrate how to simplify these chord changes to make them easier to understand.

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Welcome to Jazz Standards Month here on the LJS Podcast, where this month of May we are going to be celebrating jazz standards. We are going to be digging into them to try to understand them better, try to make them simpler, easier to understand, and of course, to help us improvise over them better.

This comes along with the launch of our Jazz Standards Playbook Volume 2 eBook Companion Course coming up on May 26 which we are all really excited about here on team LJS.

But today we are going to be talking about simplifying jazz standards to make them easier to understand and to help us improvise over them better. We are going to be using a popular jazz standard in order to do that.

In this episode:

1. What we will be learning during Jazz Standards Month.

2. The Jazz Standards Playbook Vol 2 (coming out May, 26th 2019)

3. Simplifying Tune Up to 3 different key centers.

4. In-depth chords analysis of Tune Up

Chords Analysis of Tune Up

Tune Up (Chords Analysis 1)

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I look forward to having you join me in the next episode!

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