8 Minor ii-V-i Licks (Bass Clef)

Learning jazz language is one of the most important things that a jazz musician can do. We do this by listening, transcribing, and taking phrases and lines through all 12 keys.

To help you in your quest in mastering jazz language, here are 8 minor ii-V-i licks to practice. Each one of these licks was composed to help you outline the chord changes and get inside of the harmony. You can also check out these 12 Major ii-V-I licks.

Practice tips:

  • Play through each one several times to hear how they sound.
  • Find one you particularly like and practice it in all 12 keys starting from the original key (F minor or Bb minor). This will help you internalize the sounds and connect them with your instrument.
  • Once you’ve completed that process, take a couple more of them through all 12 keys, and then diligently practice them for an extended period of time. Repetition is key and practicing over longer periods of time will help them become second nature!
  • Learn other minor ii-V-i licks from recordings you like, or come up with your own.


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