One great practice that a lot of jazz musicians will suggest is to learn entire jazz solos by ear.

And by doing this, you get this bird’s eye view overarching look at how a great jazz musician approached a jazz standard and getting inside of their head.

So, I want to suggest to you 6 awesome jazz solos that you should learn.

Here are the songs I talk about in the video with solo time markings:

  1. Miles Davis’ solo on Freddie Freeloader (2:13)
  2. Miles Davis’ solo on So What (1:31)
  3. John Coltrane’s solo on My Shining Hour (0:40)
  4. Miles Davis’ solo on Autumn Leaves (4:20)
  5. Wynton Kelly’s Solo on Freddie Freeloader (0:44)
  6. Hank Mobley’s solo on Someday My Prince Will Come (3:09)

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