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LJS 172: 5 Things I Did to Jump-Start My Jazz Playing

Welcome to episode 172 of the LJS Podcast where today I share my personal story of how I jump-started my jazz skills. When I first became interested in jazz I felt like I was way behind compared to my peers. I wanted to become a great jazz improviser and so I invested my time and energy into it. I go over 5 things that had a big impact on my jazz playing and will have a big impact on yours as well. View Show Notes: Sign up for the Newsletter:

LJS 170: Limiting Beliefs are Crushing Your Jazz Potential

Welcome to episode 170 of the LJS Podcast where today we talk about limiting beliefs and how they can dictate the success or failure of our jazz improvement. Often times musicians are their own worse enemy. We choose to diminish our true capabilities, and believe that our potential is limited. This episode is about taking a look in the mirror and breaking free from the shackles of our musical limiting beliefs. View Show Notes: Sign up for the Newsletter:

LJS 164: Warming Up the Body and Mind for Killer Musical Performances (feat. Michael Lake)

Welcome to episode 164 of the LJS Podcast where today we have on special guest trombonist, author, and educator Michael Lake to talk about warming up the body and mind for musical performance. Warming up is important for avoiding injury, and physically being able to play to your best ability, but it's also good for your mental game as well. We get inside Michael's head and learn his best practices and tips. View Show Notes: Sign up for the Newsletter: Michael Lake's website:

1,000,000+ Downloads of the LJS Podcast!

Special announcement! The Learn Jazz Standards Podcast has passed 1,000,000 total downloads over the past 3 years with 4 new episodes a month. It's a big mile marker, so here's a short episode to share some gratitude to the most important people who make this show a success: my listeners. View the show notes: Subscribe to the newsletter:

LJS 148: Top 5 Learn Jazz Standards Podcast Episodes (2018 Year Review)

Welcome to episode 148 of the LJS Podcast where today we are taking a look back at the year 2018 and everything that has happened in the Learn Jazz Standards community. It's been an eventful year, and lot's of great content, courses, and eBooks have come out. We talk about the top 5 downloaded episodes as well as my top 2 favorites!

LJS 147: Writing Tunes With Non-Functional Jazz Harmony (My Composition Analysis)

Welcome to episode 147 of the LJS Podcast where today we are taking a look at one of my compositions and exploring how some of the non-functional jazz harmony works within it. Often on this podcast, we cover functional harmony in jazz standards, but this time we discover how you can take that knowledge and start to break the rules. Listen in!

Bonus Episode! My New Podcast On Making Money Teaching Music Online

This is a short bonus episode where I announce a new podcast I've recently come out with that could be helpful for LJS Podcast listeners who teach music. If you're someone who makes money off of music at all, whether it be gigging or teaching, you may wonder how I make a living teaching music online. The Passive Income Musician Podcast is where I'm sharing the deets! You can check out the Passive Income Musician Podcast here:

LJS 139: Learning Jazz by Ear or Sheet Music (Which One is Better?)

Welcome to episode 139 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about learning jazz by ear and with sheet music. Which one is better and what are the benefits of each? Listen in!

LJS 138: How Alexander Technique Can Help You as a Musician (feat. Christian Steineder)

Welcome to episode 138 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking with Alexander Technique teacher and guitarist Christian Steineder. He talks all about Alexander Technique, what it is, and how it can help you as a musician. Listen in!

LJS 137: Chord Progression Hacks to Make Playing Jazz Simple (feat. Steve Nixon)

Welcome to episode 137 of the LJS Podcast where today we have on special guest Steve Nixon to talk about the three categories of chord progressions you need to know. Steve has a great way of making music seem simple and we talk about a lot of other fun stuff too. Listen in!


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