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LJS 219: How to Apply Scales to Jazz Standards

Welcome to episode 219 of the LJS Podcast where today I walk through an exercise for applying scales to jazz standards and...

LJS 214: 16 Scales to Know for Jazz

Welcome to episode 214 of the LJS Podcast where today I go over 16 scales that can be useful when it comes...

LJS 193: Jazz Theory Made Simple (Only Theory You Need to Know)

Welcome to episode 193 of the LJS Podcast where today I take the often overwhelming and confusing world of jazz theory and make it simple. Jazz theory is often overcomplicated with way too much information and concepts that are unnecessary. I boil things down to the basics and help make things more understandable. View Show Notes: Sign up for the Newsletter:

LJS 192: I Compose a Jazz Tune on the Spot

Welcome to episode 192 of the LJS Podcast where today I put my self on the spot and compose a jazz tune on the podcast. I had no pre-conceived ideas before recording, I just start going in real time. See how I did and the tune I came up with in the end. View Show Notes: Sign up for the Newsletter:

LJS 182: Understanding Diminished 7th Chords and How to Improvise Over Them (feat. Adam Levy)

Welcome to episode 182 of the LJS Podcast where today I have special guest Adam Levy on the show to talk about diminished harmony and how to start improvising over diminished 7th chords. If you've ever felt confused by diminished chords and how to approach them, consider this a must-listen episode. View Show Notes: Sign up for the Newsletter:

LJS 157: 4 Scales to Play Over a Half-Diminished Chord

Welcome to episode 157 of the LJS Podcast where today we discuss four different scale options for approaching half-diminished chords. Sometimes it can be helpful to take chords out of the context of chord progressions and look at them individually. These scales will help you map out note choices for this mysterious chord. View the show notes: Sign up for the newsletter:

LJS 152: Music Theory Checklist for Understanding Jazz Improvisation

Welcome to episode 152 of the LJS Podcast where today we are covering my music theory checklist for understanding jazz improvisation. If you are wondering what step-by-step building blocks you need in place for understanding jazz harmony and improv, this is a solid list. Take notes on which ones you need to work on. Listen in! This list is based off of my eBook and companion course "Zero to Improv":

LJS 132: Avoiding “Avoid Notes” and When Not to Avoid Them

Welcome to episode 132 of the LJS Podcast where today we are answering a question from a podcast listener who asked about avoid notes. Avoid notes are used in music academia to help identify which notes to not play over given chords or chords in the context of chord progression. But should you really "avoid" avoid notes? Listen in!

LJS 121: Understanding Secondary and Backdoor Dominant 7 Chords

Welcome to episode 121 of the LJS Podcast where today we are digging into some jazz theory and talking about secondary and backdoor dominant 7 chords. These are two concepts that are used to resolveĀ to a tonic I chord. If you understand these concepts they can help give context to a chord progression you are improvising over. Listen in!

LJS 114: Minor Tonality and How to Build Minor Chord Progressions (feat. Dan Carillo)

Welcome to episode 114 of the LJS Podcast where today we haveĀ on special guest Dan Carillo to talk about understanding minor tonality and building minor chord progressions. Minor tonality can be complicated because there are three minor scales at play. Dan gives a thorough explanation and unlocks this confusing topic. Listen in!


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