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4 Important applications of the Melodic Minor Scale

4 Important Applications of the Melodic Minor Scale

The melodic minor scale seems to be a big mystery to many jazz musicians. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on this mysterious scale without going into too much technical...

LJS 22: How to Play at Fast Tempos and Not Get Burned

Welcome to episode 22 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about how to play at fast tempos and not get burned. Up tempos tunes are something that all jazz musicians must confront, and we've all been burned by them before! In this episode we go over some tips for playing fast tempos and how we can start getting better control over them. Listen in!
How to Learn Difficult Jazz Standards

LJS 135: How to Learn Difficult Jazz Standards

Welcome to episode 135 of the LJS Podcast where today we are exploring how to learn, understand, and memorize complex jazz standards. We take a look at Wayne Shorter's "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum" and extract lessons we can apply to others. Listen in! Start understanding standards with The Jazz Standards Playbook:

Stuck On One Chord: Strategies to Improve Your Modal Jazz Solos

Very often iconic modal jazz tunes, such as Miles Davis’s “So What,” are among the first songs young, inexperienced, and newly aspiring musicians learn how to improvise on. Although modal tunes (which are songs...

John Ellis “It’s You I Like”

Click above to purchase John Ellis' "It's You I Like" Learn Jazz is proud to promote tenor saxophonist John Ellis' 2012 release of "It's You I Like". Joining Ellis for his premiere record on Criss-Cross...

Josiah Boornazian “Intersection”

  Learn Jazz is proud to promote Josiah Boornazian's 2011 release of "Intersection". Josiah Boornazian, originally from Los Angeles, is a New York City based alto saxophonist and extraordinary composer. "Intersection" is Boornazian's debut release,...

9 Rhythm Changes Heads to Learn

When studying jazz, it is important to learn lots of jazz standards. Why? Because these songs are the vehicles on which jazz musicians learn how to improvise. It is the common repertoire that jazz...
Why Vibing is bad for Jazz

Why “Vibing” is Bad for Jazz

What is "vibing" in jazz, and why does it happen?  If you've been around the music very long, you may have experienced "vibing."  "Vibing" is a mean-spirited attitude toward other musicians and the way they...

9 Jazz Waltz Tunes You Should Know

As jazz musicians, we need to be learning lots of jazz standards. It's incredibly important to know the standard repertoire so that you can fully understand the jazz language. But jazz music covers a fairly...

An Interview With Gilad Hekselman

Gilad Hekselman has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising guitarists in New York since his arrival in 2004.  In only a few years this native Israeli has shared the stage...


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