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3 Hip 2-5-1 Licks for You to Practice

LJS 128: 3 Hip 2-5-1 Licks for You to Practice

Welcome to episode 128 of the LJS Podcast where today we are exploring 3 hip 2-5-1 licks. Learning licks is always a good practice for learning jazz language, and 2-5-1 chord progressions are arguably the most common in jazz harmony. This is a great episode to help you take action and practice. Listen in!

Jazz Styles-Bebop

This is the third post in a series of videos by Brent Jensen highlighting Jazz History. Brent teaches jazz at the College of Southern Idaho and is a saxophonist on a number of albums...
Why We Play Jazz

LJS 43: Why We Play Jazz

Welcome to episode 43 of the LJS Podcast where today we are asking the question: why do we play jazz? It's the start of the year 2017, and it's always good to center ourselves and remind ourselves why we play the music we do. Podcast host Brent Vaartstra tells the story of his jazz journey. Listen in!

Memorizing Dominant Chords for Jazz Guitar Beginners

This is a guest post by Marc-Andre Seguin Dominant chords are everywhere in music, and some genres use them more than others. You might have seen a funny little chord with a “7” beside it....

Hexatonic/Pentatonic Jazz Improvisation Workout

We’ve talked about pentatonics on LJS in the past both on the blog and on the podcast. In this post, I want to build on the concepts surrounding pentatonic scales and...
7 Steps to heaven by Brent Jensenvideo

Seven Steps to Heaven by Brent Jensen, Step 5

Here's Brent Jensen's Step 5 of his series on learning tunes. Enjoy! Video's Handout Brent Jensen's Seven Steps to Heaven (.pdf) SEVEN STEPS TO HEAVEN by Brent Jensen (with thanks to Jiggs Whigham) 1. Memorize the melody. Listen to...

Ear Training 101: Hearing 2 Intervals In a Row

For this next test in our Ear Training 101 series, we are going to be turning up the heat a little bit with our interval recognition skills. It's one thing to be able to recognize...
How to Listen to a Jazz Recording (And Learn From It)

LJS 145: How to Listen to a Jazz Recording (And Learn From It)

Welcome to episode 145 of the LJS Podcast where today we are listening to some jazz together and doing some critical listening. We take Miles Davis' rendition of "Someday My Prince Will Come" and pick a section of it apart by honing in on each instrument individually. Lot's to learn from this recording. Listen in!

How Much Should You Spend on Your Instrument?

We are all in different musical situations.  For some, their instrument is a tool to help them make money.  For others, their instrument is a beloved hobby, a leisurely pastime, or a distraction from their normal...

Accents And Odd Groupings: 12 Exercises To Spice Up Your Rhythms

Rhythmic accuracy and variety are some of the skills I value the most in musicians. When I go out to see live music, something that keeps me interested and wanting to hear more from the...


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