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John Ellis “It’s You I Like”

Click above to purchase John Ellis' "It's You I Like" Learn Jazz is proud to promote tenor saxophonist John Ellis' 2012 release of "It's You I Like". Joining Ellis for his premiere record on Criss-Cross...

A Guide for Which Scales to Use Over 7th Chords

When it comes to jazz improvisation, it's all about learning the jazz language. We do that by learning jazz solos, licks, and just listening to jazz. These are of the utmost importance and should be...
How to Avoid Therapy as a Jazz Musician

How to Avoid Therapy as a Jazz Musician

Maybe it's the countless hours spent in the practice room.  Maybe's it's spending so much time trying to play like someone else through transcribing, listening, etc.  Maybe it's the various challenges jazz musicians face...

LJS 98: How to Beat the Brain Game for Musical Freedom (feat. Matt Vaartstra)

Welcome to episode 98 of the LJS Podcast where today we are joined by sports and performance psychologist Matt Vaartstra to talk about how to channel your mindset towards musical freedom. At the end of the day, music is a brain game. There are so many negative voices that hinder our progress, and Matt teaches us how to train your brain for optimal performance. Listen in!

Why You Need to Play More Gigs

One of the best ways to improve as a musician is to play gigs.  I have noticed that many students of jazz seem to do this only sparingly.  When you are developing as an...

Blast from the Past: John Coltrane “Ballads”

Click above to purchase John Coltrane's Ballads Learn Jazz Standards looks back this week at John Coltrane's 1963 release of Ballads. Joining Coltrane is Jimmy Garrison on bass, McCoy Tyner on Piano, and Elvin Jones...
How to Maintenance Practice to Keep Up Your Jazz Skills

LJS 127: How to Maintenance Practice to Keep Up Your Jazz Skills

Welcome to episode 127 of the LJS Podcast where today I spend some time maintenance practicing. Maintenance practicing is a great way to keep up your skills even when you have very little time to spend practicing. I play through my quick routine and let you know how I keep my fingers fresh. Listen in!

Learning to Play in Different Keys

Learning songs in their standard keys is great, but what happens when you are all of a sudden expected to play a familiar song in a new key?  It happens often.  A vocalist sits in.  You're...

The Secret To Playing At Fast Tempos

Blistering fast tempos. You're at the gig or the jam session and you hear the leader begin to count off the tune...and it's fast. Really fast. "Cherokee! 1-2-1234!" You tense your body as you prepare for lift...

Free Jazz Etude: Malbec and Flowers

This etude is called "Malbec and Flowers". Can you guess what jazz standard this etude is based off of? I sincerely hope you enjoy!  If you'd like to get notified when the full e-Book is available,...


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