LJS 14: 10 Important Jazz Standards You Need To Know and Why

Welcome to episode 14 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about 10 important jazz standards you need to know and why. These 10 jazz standards are not only commonly called at jam sessions and gigs, they each have something specific to teach us about jazz and other songs in the repertoire. If you know these 10, you are well on your way to understanding many of the harmonic concepts traditionally found in jazz. Listen in!

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In this episode

  1. Autumn Leaves– study of the relative major vs. the relative minor.
  2. All The Things You Are– study of the cycle of 4ths.
  3. I Love You– the half-diminished ii-V to major I, and transition to major key up a 3rd in the bridge.
  4. Alone Together– study of minor ii-V-i’s.
  5. It Could Happen to You– study of I-vi-ii-V-I and the diatonic series.
  6. Sweet Georgia Brown– study of cyclying dominant 7th chords.
  7. Just Friends– unique in that it starts on the IV chord of the diatonic tonal center.
  8. On Green Dolphin Street– study of moving up a minor third to a new major key (C major to Eb major).
  9. Stella by Starlight– a great harmonic study.
  10. Have You Met Miss Jones– study of passing diminished chords, and cycling three tonal centers in the bridge.

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Show music

“Breathe” by Yvonnick Prene

What would be your top 10 jazz standards? Leave us a comment below.

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  1. My list would include a Benny Golson tune, either "Along Came Betty", "Whisper Not" or "Stablemates". Each has interesting and challenging harmonic intrigue.

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