LJS 06: Why Jazz Is Important to Society

Welcome to episode 6 of the LJS Podcast where today we are talking about Why Jazz Is Important to Society. If you never listen to another one of our podcast episodes again, at least listen to this one! Brent discusses the importance of music and jazz in society and why it needs to be valued. Listen in!

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In this episode

  • Why music is important to society

  • Important for general living

    • music in entertainment

    • draws people together

    • defines cultures and traditions

  • Education

    • helps develop language and reasoning

    • improves memorization

    • pattern recognition

    • increased coordination

  • Importance of jazz in society

    • teaches us to have courage

    • teaches us to improvise

    • teaches us to innovate

    • teaches that everyone’s voice is equal

    • teaches us to listen

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Show music

“Cat Time Blues” Camden Hughes

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  1. Good morning Mr Brent you mentioned a particular tune called Freddie freeloader by miles Davis.I want to as a guitarist how can I get the chord progression by ear.thanks

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