LJS 203: Practicing with a Plan and Crushing Musical Weaknesses (feat Bob Petix)

Welcome to episode 203 of the LJS Podcast where today I talk with special guest and LJS community member, Bob Petix about his journey as a jazz bassist. He talks about getting started playing bass in his late 40’s and how he has developed in his musicianship since then. We talk what’s working for him in the practice room and some of the key things that has stimulated his musical improvement.

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One of the biggest themes for Learn Jazz Standards this year 2020 is community.

This is really the year of community where we are building community and we are learning from each other as a community because I do believe that this is the best way that we can truly learn — it’s from each other.

And so one thing that I will be doing a lot more often on this podcast is have guests that are listeners of the podcast, who are members of my online jazz courses so that we can listen and find out what’s working well for them in their practice room, what’s working well, the things that are making the highest impact in their jazz playing at the moment.

And in general, getting to know them and their stories because I do believe that we can learn in so much from each other’s stories, so much from each other’s experiences as jazz musicians, and this will help us all learn and grow together.

So, I have Bob Petix on the show today, who is an attorney, who is a bass player from Jackson, Wyoming, who is going to share with us today and we are going to learn a lot from him.

In this episode:

1. How Bob got started playing bass and jazz

2. Why Bob plays jazz and what keeps him motivated

3. What Bob is working on in the practice room and what is working best

4. I help Bob with an exercise he can work on for developing better time feel and longer lines

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I look forward to having you join me in the next episode!

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  1. As someone in their 40s and a late beginner, I found Bob's story inspiring and highly motivational. Thanks for sharing Bob and thanks Brett for doing this.

  2. THank you so much.!!! Bob and Brent. Great podcast interview. I’m a piano. Makes no difference. Such positive comments such good practice advise.

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