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Welcome to Learn Jazz Standards! Learn Jazz Standards is all about providing jazz education to the masses. We’re here to inspire, instruct, and help you along your jazz journey. We provide tools to help you become a better jazz musician through our blog and podcast, and resources to help you learn jazz standards. We’re all in this together and we want to be there to help you along.

Who We Are

My name is Brent Vaarstra and I am a professional jazz musician, author, blogger, podcaster, and teacher living in New York City. My passion is playing jazz and there is nothing more exciting to me than spreading this music around. The LJS team and I work hard to come out with a new podcast and video to help you become a better jazz musician. We also have an assortment of courses and eBooks to help you take things up to the next level!

Our Top Free Resources

On Learn Jazz Standards, we offer tons of information on learning jazz and they are all presented through four different mediums:

  1. The Learn Jazz Standards Podcast. Our weekly show of interviews, lessons, and advice to help you along your jazz journey.
  2. Video lessons. We come out with weekly videos on YouTube that also live here on the website.
  3. The blog. We have a massive library of written jazz lessons covering just about every topic on jazz.
  4. Index of Jazz Standards. This is the first resource we came out with back in 2010, which has a library of 250+ standards, complete with resources like backing tracks, videos to help you learn the tune, a bio, and chord charts.

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