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Every jazz musician wants to become an amazing improviser. Jazz music puts a heavy emphasis on the soloist, so this makes sense. But if you’ve been playing jazz for any period of time, you know this isn’t easy. We’re here to help. Below are some of our top resources for becoming a better jazz improviser!

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Need help with your jazz solos? Get our 15 Essential Jazz Etudes e-Book!

15 Essential Jazz ETUDES C

It’s important to be learning jazz language by ear, but it’s also helpful to read it and analyze it. These 15 jazz etudes will help you learn to navigate chord changes, voice-lead, and enhance melodicism in your solos.

Each etude is based on the chord progression to a common jazz standard. This e-Book includes: 15 Etudes, 15 play-alongs, and recordings of each etude. Versions available for C instruments, bass, and with guitar TABS.

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