Need Help Learning Jazz Standards? I Can Help!

Jazz standards are the vehicles in which jazz musicians use to improvise. They are the common repertoire used to communicate with one another. No doubt, learning jazz standards is important to your jazz education and we’ve provided the resources for you to do so! Check out our top resources below to get started.

Step 1: Get My Free Guide

I often hear from my subscribers that they struggle to memorize jazz standards, often get lost in the form, and are stuck reading sheet music to learn them. Most of the time this is because they aren’t learning them the smart way the first time.

My free guide “Learn Jazz Standards the Smart Way” teaches you my LIST Process for learning jazz standards and how it will completely change the way you learn tunes forever. 

Step 2: Get My eBook and Course

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If you want to get great at improvising over jazz standards and learn them on a deeper level, you need to study them. Once you know the harmonic secrets a jazz standards holds the mystery starts unveil.

My eBook and Companion Course "The Jazz Standards Playbook" is an in-depth study of 10 jazz standards that will level-up your playing. Know and understand these and you will unlock hundreds more!

Step #3: Browse My Top Free Lessons

These are some of my most popular videos and podcast episodes to help you with learning jazz standards.