“Wave” is a bossa nova tune written by Antonio Carlos Jobim. It is also called “Vou te Contar” in Portuguese. English lyrics were later written by Frank Sinatra in which he featured the tune on his 1970 album “Sinatra and Company”. This is a beautiful tune and one of the more commonly called bossa jam session tunes. An intro of Dm7 to G7 is often played for this tune. It is notated in the chord charts bellow but is not included in the play-along.

This tune is most commonly played in the key of D major.

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Videos to learn the melody/changes


  1. Just wondering why the intro is referenced as Dm7 to G7 when the Fake book say Dm9 to G13. Of course the BIAB file (which I purchased from LJS) does not perfectly match the Fake book. Ugh!

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