“Star Eyes” is a tune with words and music by Gene De Paul and Don Raye. It was introduced in the 1943 musical “I Dood It” by Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra. It is arguably due to Charlie Parker that this tune has become a jazz standard and well known in the jazz community.
This is a very important tune to know for jam session and casual gigs so be sure to add it to your repertoire! It was originally written in F major however the most common jam session key seems to be Eb major.

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Videos to learn the melody/changes


  1. Greetings from the UK.
    I think there has been what we Brits call a “senior moment” as you have posted up Moment’s Notice rather than Star Eyes.
    Nevertheless I really love your tracks and have great fun with them. A suggestion – how about announcing the track before the count in ? VL.

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