The beautiful tune “Night And Day” was written by Cole Porter for the 1932 Broadway musical “Gay Divorce,” which featured Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Porter claimed that an Islamic call to worship he heard on a trip to Morocco inspired the song. This tune has been recorded and performed extensively in the jazz community in a variety of styles from Latin to swing. “Night and Day” is most commonly played in the keys of C, Eb and F major. Our play-along below features the song as a Bossa in the key of C.

It should also be noted that we list the first chord as a Dmin7(b5) because it functions like a ii chord in the context of a minor ii-V that resolves to a major chord instead of a minor chord. However, the Dmin7(b5) can also be played as an Fmin6 or AbMaj7 every time it appears during the A section. Keep your ears open when you are playing with different musicians!

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  1. Hi. The Eb flat chords seem to have been transposed a minor third up opposed to the supposed minor third down. Otherwise thanks for the fine work.

    • Johannes thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes mistakes happen, so we appreciate you helping us out over here.
      It has been changed and the Eb instrument charts should be in A major now. Thanks again

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