“Milestones” is a tune written by Miles Davis. It appears on his 1958 record “Milestones”. This tune is NOT to be confused with the tune “Milestones” written by John Lewis prior to this one.
It was originally entitled “Miles” but was later changed to “Milestones”.
This is a modal tune based off of Gm7 and Am7 and is a lot of fun to play! The chord charts below show the implied chords that compliment the melody, though it is really just Gm7 during the A section and Am7 for the B.

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Videos to learn the melody/changes


  1. Hey guys I want to thank you for posting this great artical/song for the website. I was wondering if guys can do an artical on Modes and how they are use in improv. and in songwritting? It will be great to hear more on the song writing process of it how melodies are constructed.

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