“I Got Rhythm” is a composition by iconic composer George Gershwin. His brother, Ira Gershwin with whom he often collaborated with, wrote the lyrics. It was originally written as a slow number for the 1928 musical “Treasure Girl”, but a faster version was made famous in 1930 with “Girl Crazy”. Originally written in Db major, its most popular key has become Bb major.

Not only has I Got Rhythm become a notable jazz standard, it’s chord progression has become the basis to many tunes after it. Jazz musicians appropriately call these chord changes “Rhythm Changes”, a form that needs no explanation in the jazz world. Many of Charlie Parker’s compositions were based off of rhythm changes such as Moose the Mooche, Steeplechase and Anthropology.

If you are a student of the music, be sure to learn this chord progression and all of its alterations inside and out!

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Videos to learn the melody/changes

I Got Rhythm

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