This standard is the basis for another standard, Bird’s composition Scrapple from the Apple. Bird took the A section of these changes and made a “contrafact” out of it, or a new melody over the changes to a jazz standard. This is one of the most common standards you must know as a jazz musician. The charismatic Fats Waller released Honeysuckle Rose with lyricist Andy Razaf in 1929 for “Load of Coal,” a musical revue.
The bridge of Honeysuckle Rose is NOT a rhythm changes release. A release is a III7 VI7 II7 V7, whereas this bridge of Honeysuckle Rose is I7 IV7 II7 V7.  Charlie Parker’s head, Scrapple from the Apple, by contrast, uses a plain old release over the bridge.  Other than that, both tunes use the same chord changes.

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