“Four” is a jazz standard most commonly played in Eb.  Four is an example of tune with dubious authorship; though it has been attributed to Miles Davis, it may be that alto saxophonist Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson actually wrote the tune, as well as the jazz standard “Tune Up“, which is also traditionally attributed to Miles. Incidentally, “Solar“, “Blue in Green,” “Dig,” and “Donna Lee” are also tunes of dubious authorship.  All are sometimes attributed to Miles Davis, who may not have written any of them.
It was first release in 1956 on Mile’s album “Blue Haze.” Lyrics were later written by Jon Hendricks making it a well known tune for vocalists as well as instrumentalists.  This is a very classic standard that lots of musicians play so it is a great one to know!

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Videos to learn the melody/changes


  1. Hi, I'm looking at real book 5th edition and the chords are quite different, mostly i notice the relative minor chord to some of the major 7ths – do most people play it the above way?

    • Hey Ashley, the Real Book changes in this case tend to be incorrect. That being said, since a lot of people learn from the Real Book you want to be aware of both. However, the changes listed here are the correct ones.

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