“Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum” is a well known tune by Wayne Shorter off of his 1964 Blue Note release “Speak No Evil”.  If you don’t have this record, this is a must have! It has many important songs on it and features an historically important band.
Note: Some charts show the last four bars as follows: Eb7(#11)/D7#9/Dbmaj7 C7/ Bmaj7(b5)
Our chart excludes the Dbmaj7 chord because the recording seems to indicate that more often Ron Carter and the band go straight to that C7 chord on the head. However be aware of this as other players may use the Dbmaj7 and also note that the original band plays loosely with the harmony.
Be careful to listen for the different hits in the recording that our charts do not indicate. As always don’t use a chart as a crutch, go straight to the source.


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