C-Jam Blues is a great first jazz tune.  It’s so simple to learn the melody by ear, and yet it swings so hard that pros still love to jam on it. It’s a 12-bar blues, and the melody is the same 2-note phrase repeated 3 times (per chorus).


30 Stepsto Better Jazz Playing

Videos to learn the melody/changes


  1. Hey brother thanks for all the info I have already added this sweet little tune to our list.. Man! I have been looking for some easy stuff for a change. I have played solid Blues and rock guitar all my life but somehow I find myself in a absurdly good jazz band without the least bit jazz knowledge, if it wasn’t for my voice they would probley toss me out..LOL

  2. I remember comping to this song my freshman year of high school in the bottom band. First guitar part I had read with real changes. Man, even with a two-note melody, I felt like the hippest little freshman in the band on this song. Not only is it a great jam, it’s nostalgic for just about everybody. Great post.

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