Bb Rhythm Changes is the most common key. This key was utilized for many of Charlie Parker’s bebop heads such as, Anthropology, and Dexterity. Other classic Rhythm Changes in Bb include,
Oleo and Rhythm-A-Ning. All jazz musicians must be able to navigate Bb Rhythm Changes with ease.

Practice another key

30 Stepsto Better Jazz Playing

Videos to learn the melody/changes


  1. I think it might be helpful to at least discuss the variations on RC, because someone could use any of them, and, though for the most part they overlap pretty well, maybe you should post some other forms of the changes.

  2. YCamden, I must say again how valuable your website is. The video examples say a whole lot about how these Rhythmn changes should and can be played The worst thing any of us can do is play them stock straight up and mechanical. These examples show us the way.

    Thanks again

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