“Bag’s Groove” is a 12 bar blues written by the great vibraphonist Milt Jackson. “Bag’s” was Milt Jackson’s nickname.


It’s important to have a decent repertoire of blues heads in your tool belt. This is a great blues to know. The melody is simple and repetitive yet effectively sets up an attitude for improvising.


This tune is originally an F blues but can be played in any key.

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Videos to learn the melody/changes


  1. I heard many versions of this tune and every time the theme is "different". Furthermore the chord sequence doesn't seem to be the same as the play-a-long. I'm confused 🙁

    • Different musicians will have their own interpretations of the melody to give it their own twist. As for the chords, sometimes musicians will play the song in a different key, or they may even reharmonize some sections to change the colors up.

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