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B Blues

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B Blues is not a common blues in jazz. Since it is only a half step away from Bb, which is a common blues, it can be a more challenging one to navigate. Therefore this is a great one to practice. Chord charts include bebop blues changes, aka “Bird blues”.

Practice the blues in another key: Blues in All 12 Keys

Videos to learn the melody/changes

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Camden Hughes
Camden is a working jazz pianist, multi-instrumentalist, and music educator currently living near Boise, ID. He teaches music at the Idaho Arts Charter School, and is the jazz adjunct professor at Northwest Nazarene University. Check out his music at


  1. Best practice for me for Mr. Blues through all keys (Tenor Sax): First check out the chords (improvising only with chord tones ). Then chords with their alterations, then the different skales on the chords themselves and the Blues pentatonics. Then transpose several themes to the key you are working at, try hard here.
    At least when improvising: Just WAIT till an idear pops up in your mind and just play it. (Pauses are a part of music as tones are)
    Proceed this mood as long as you feel really comfortable. (This may take a certain duration)
    Last step: play double-time and/or as fast as you can.
    Redo this work after some weeks again per key.
    Of course this needs time: But you free youself in an astronishing way and train you perfectly.


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Chord Charts

C Instruments Bb Instruments Eb Instruments

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