Autumn In New York was written by Vernon Duke in 1934 for the Broadway musical Thumbs Up.  Many jazz musicians went on to perform it including Billie Holiday and her iconic rendition.  This is a great ballad to add to your repertoire.  It is most commonly called in the key of F major among instrumentalists.

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  1. Hey, Just wondering if since the tune finally resolves in last few bars, don't we usually say the tune is in that key? (in this case, F minor)
    I guess when calling it, saying "its in F" is sufficient here. It might be semantics, but thinking of analysis days and that might point to the tune being in F minor, with most of the prior sections of it, merely a tactical avoidance of the true key…
    (none of this matters. its such a great tune and I hope to play the heck out of it no matter what we call it… lol)

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