“Ask Me Now” is a classic ballad written by Thelonius Monk.

The tune tends to center around the key of Db major, however there is no key indicated on the chord charts due to the many other key centers it explores.

One of my favorite versions of this tune is actually a spoof. The very unhip “Hans Groiner” played a polka version of this tune for a very hip jazz audience at Smalls Jazz Club in New York. They dug it!  The bumbling “Hans Groiner,”  is a polka artist who has the soul purpose in life of  “improving on” the compositions of Thelonious Monk.  “Hans Groiner” is actually the incomparable pianist/organist Larry Goldings.

It’s a pretty funny spoof and you should definitely check it out! We’ve also included the original “Hans Groiner” video in case you aren’t hip to it yet. Of course, we have included serious recordings of the tune underneath the “Hans Groiner” videos. We wouldn’t recommend learning the tune from the “Hans Groiner” video…
“Hans Groiner” (Larry Goldings clowning around on Ask Me Now”
Introduction to Larry Golding’s character “Hans Groiner”

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