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All of Me

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“All Of Me”  was written by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simon in 1931. It has become one of the most recorded songs of its era including popular versions done by Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald just to name a few.   This is a very common standard that all jazz musicians are expected to know.  It’s also a great tune to shed if you are new to jazz, or if you need to work on your jazz language.  This tune is most commonly played in the key of C major.

If you need some help understanding and learning how to improvise over this song, check out our lesson on How to Improvise over All of Me.

Videos to learn the melody/changes

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Brent Vaartstra
Brent Vaartstra
Brent Vaartstra is a professional jazz guitarist and educator living in New York City. He is the head blogger and podcast host for which he owns and operates. He actively performs around the New York metropolitan area and is the author of the Hal Leonard publication "Visual Improvisation for Jazz Guitar." He's also the host of the music entrepreneurship podcast "Passive Income Musician."


  1. Hi Brent and thanks for this great website. This Cmaj7 in the chords chart really hurts my hear – I feel that major 7th doesn't fit. Wouldn't a plain C sound better?

  2. Hi,
    some years ago I bought the box but lost the material because of a crash
    and a removal… Now I want to start all over, but maby you can check out that i already paid for it and is it possible to offer me some discount.
    Harrie (AJW) Verlegh

  3. What a great addition to our jazz world in development here ! Thanks for all. It would be really helpful if there was a way to modify the keys on your back up track. Yes, the RealBook keys are the default keys, and most people learning do learn these keys first. However, for a vocalist or even gtr player, other keys provided better tone quality and color. These keys were selected by horn players, as I have heard. As a vocalist/gtr player, I learn all songs in both these default keys and in my own best keys for the art of it, the colors and expression. It would be most helpful to alter back up keys in your system here. THANKS ~!

    • Hi Gordon! Due to copyright issues, we do not provide the melodies. However, we always suggest learning the melody by ear anyways and we have provided some possible recordings you can reference on this page. Happy practicing!

  4. I've made it my goal to learn more tunes in the coming year (since I don't really know any), and to practice what I know in the context of those tunes. A blog post I recently read said to start with this one, so that's what I'm doing. The resources you have here are truly helpful — thanks!


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Chord Charts

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