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4 Steps for Learning Jazz Improvisation

So you want to learn jazz improvisation but you may not know exactly where to start. It''s pretty overwhelming if you think...

ONLY Jazz Standard I Would Play for the REST OF MY LIFE

So let's imagine for a second that for some odd reason, you are stuck on an island for the rest of your...

Make Chords Sound Like Jazz (4 Levels)

So, how do we make chords in chord progressions sound like jazz? Or for lack of better terms, jazzy?

Jazz Blues Mastery Practice Plan

The jazz blues is one of the most important song forms in jazz and it is my belief that if we master...

Modal Soloing: So What Solo in the Style of Miles Davis

When we play tunes like So What by Miles Davis, at first we think it's going to be easy to play because...

4 Face Melting Jazz Blues Licks to Learn

When it comes to learning jazz, it can be really helpful to know some of the micro jazz language or a lot...

Interval Ear Training Quiz (See How You Do)

Ear training is something that jazz musicians should be working on because having a great ear is ultimately what's going to help...

I Learned 100 Jazz Standards in a Year (What I Learned)

That's right, you probably saw the title of this video. I did, indeed, learn 100 jazz standards in one year in one...

How to Improvise Over All the Things You Are (Tutorial)

One great jazz standard that is packed full of musical and harmonic lessons is All the Things You Are by Jerome Kern....

When to Use iReal Pro to Learn Jazz

This is iReal Pro. It's an app that thousands of jazz musicians use to look up chord changes and even practice.

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