15 Essential Jazz Etudes e-Book

15 great jazz solos with backing tracks to help you learn authentic jazz language and take your improvisation to the next level!

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Versions for C instruments, bass, and guitar TABS!

15 Essential Jazz Etudes is a collection of etudes specifically composed to help you “speak” the jazz language better. Each etude focuses heavily on bebop and clearly spelling out the chord changes to help your solo’s come to life! These etudes will help you learn to navigate chord changes, voice-lead, and enhance melodicism in your solos. Each etude is based on the chord progression to a common jazz standard.

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What people are saying:

“I purchased 15 Essential Jazz Etudes this last week, and I just wanted to say how great I think it is! It’s a brilliant way to learn with the play-along instead of just the sheet music…so much essential language in it. So many things I have tried like this just sound generic, or jazz by numbers, but yours sounds melodic and relevant. 5/5 stars!”


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List of Etudes:

  1. All These Things (based off of All The Things You Are)
  2. Bebop Bossa (based off of Blue Bossa)
  3. Bop City (based off of Boplicity)
  4. Cabernet Days (based off of The Days of Wines and Roses)
  5. Clean Energy (based off of Solar)
  6. Falling Leaves (based off of Autumn Leaves)
  7. I Got Vision (based off of I Got Rhythm)
  8. It Finally Happened (based off of It Could Happen to You)
  9. Miles’ Mood (based off of So What)
  10. Miner’s Groove (a minor blues)
  11. Stella (based off of Stella by Starlight)
  12. Sunnyside (based off of On the Sunny Side of the Street)
  13. Take Half (based off of All of Me)
  14. Vagabond Blues (a blues)
  15. White’s Waltz (based off of Someday My Prince Will Come)
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