Start your journey towards jazz improv freedom.

Speed up your jazz improvement with 30 sessions of focused, goal-oriented practicing where you will be working on stuff that actually moves the needle.

30 Steps to Better Jazz Playing

Hey, Brent here from Learn Jazz Standards!

30 Steps to Better Jazz Playing (formerly 30 Days to Better Jazz Playing), is my flagship jazz practicing course, where you will get fully immersed in 30 sessions of goal-oriented focused practicing. After some tweaks and improvements, it will be back better than ever on August 5th!

Some of the biggest struggles musicians have when learning jazz is feeling overwhelmed, not sure where to start, or feeling like they’ve hit a plateau in their playing.

During this course, not only will you be practicing the right things that will actually move the needle, you will be given step-by-step instruction and hand-holding so that by the time you’re done you will have made serious strides in your jazz playing.

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Required to get access: “Accelerate Your Jazz Skills” Free Mini-Course

As a requirement to get into 30 Steps to Better Jazz Playing, you must go through my “Accelerate Your Jazz Skills” mini-course, which will open August 2nd.

It’s completely free and helps set up students for jazz success regardless of whether they sign up for 30 Steps at the end.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to set up your practice sessions for success before you even start.

  • The only 3 things you need to be practicing to improve as a jazz musician.

  • How to create an action plan for fast improvement.

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Sign up and I'll send you "Accelerate Your Jazz Skills" on August 2nd


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