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Pre-Order Zero to Improv Companion Course

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Hey there! You recently responded “YES” to being interested in purchasing a Zero to Improv Companion Course, if created.

In order to move forward with pouring time and resources into this project, the LJS team and I have decided we need some committed course takers.

So we are pre-selling this course. This is your chance to vote with your wallet to have this companion course created!

Here are the details:

Pre-Order Details:

Course cost: Only $60 (discounted since you already purchased the eBook).

Estimated delivery date: end of October through mid-November.

Deadline for pre-funding: closing the doors on Sept. 18.

Zero risk: If we don’t fund production by Sept. 18 we will refund all of your money.

Companion Course benefits:

  • Helps you actually get through the book.
  • Tracks your progress.
  • Gives you tangible assignments to work on.
  • Additional video lectures.
  • Community Discussion Board to post your assignments and communicate with other course takers.
  • Log in and take it on our nicely designed course platform.

Founding Member Benefits:

Being a Founding Member means you will have made this project possible and will be the very first to receive it.

So if you want to become a Founding Member and be the first to receive this Companion Course, click the green button and pre-order!

If you pre-order, you will be kept regularly informed on the progress and the official delivery date.

If you have any questions, feel free to respond to the email that linked to this page.

Hope to have you as a Founding Member!


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